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    January 19, 2010

    The Hunt

    Everybody says Detroit is cheap. Is it?? I don’t know, but trying to find a building that is remotely habitable, in a good location, with the possibility of neighbors may be harder than one would think. Or maybe I’m just cheap and don’t like when landlords talk to me as if we’re both standing in Manhattan. Either way, it was quite fun spending the spring, summer, and fall looking at various buildings around the city, dreaming of the perfect coffee shop. You learn quickly that romanticizing the process doesn’t get you anywhere. Here is an example of what was a dream building to me, but also well out of consideration.. notice the name however.

    I wanted to keep the building “as is”, of course adding a glazing system and entrance, but leaving the old text. Reality? Expensive building and a barrel-roof restoration needed… what the @#$k was I thinking? No way, not happening. See the thing is, we all want to restore every building in the city and own a piece of this forgotten treasure, but it is afterall, the same story as anywhere else… where’s the money?? So, after many months and several reality checks.. I have hopefully found the actual location, and a pair of landlords that feel the same way about the city as I do. Score! Hope to see you there soon. Hope to be there soon!

    Check out some of the other considerations. Note: I like old unsalvageable buildings that are way beyond my understanding when it comes to restoration or construction.

    Absolutely fell in love with this one…

    And by neighbors, I did mean this…

    - Posted by Astro at 1:14 pm on January 19, 2010 -

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